Our School Story

Our Story

Our Context

            Who are we?

The site at 5280 Minoru Boulevard houses four distinct and collaborative district programs for Secondary-aged students (13-19) – Station Stretch, Horizons, Outreach and Hospital Homebound, and Street View. The programs’ common purpose is to support the education of students who will benefit from an alternative setting to a traditional neighborhood secondary school in order to meet success.

            What do we value?

We value our students and their diverse profiles. We value the relationships that provide a sense of community when we learn and spend time together. We value and honour the individual journeys that our students are making as they come through our doors.  We value the intellectual and emotional growth that arrives with learning,  with determining one’s identity, and with planning next steps . We value this place, and understand that learning takes time and patience.

            What are our strengths and challenges?

We endeavor to meet the students’ learning profiles in a variety of ways: strong relationships, small class size, individualized programs, and supplemental supports from District Learning Services and from a variety of community agencies. We focus on project-based learning, guided e-learning, and have a strong social and emotional learning foundation. We are a small communicative group of professional staff, and can flex to meet needs.

As a staff, we are committed to the intellectual and emotional growth and development of our students and this continues to be our key priority.