Horizons is a student-centered learning environment. The goal is to provide educational and theraputic support to enable students to return to their community school or transition to other programs. It is an inter-ministerial, interdisciplinary program for adolescents who have struggled in the mainstream system. We service students aged 13-18 who struggle with significant mental health challenges that interfere with academic success. The program combines academic and social/emotional skill development with theraputic support to address the needs of each youth.



Administering School: Horizons Alternate Secondary School
Program Location: #200 5280 Minoru Blvd. Richmond, BC V6X 2A9
Telephone 604-668-6167 Ext:1



Students can complete courses at the grade 8 to 10 level. Student progress is managed through an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Adaptations are made where necessary to meet the needs of the students. In addition to providing educational and recreational programming, students participate in individual and group work where they learn to manage their mental health concerns, practice social skills, and prepare for further education or employment.


Horizons has a “continuous entry” policy and there is a referral process in place. All referrals go through our administrator Marie Ratcliffe, and the District Based Team. If it is determined that Horizons is an appropriate placement, an intake meeting will be scheduled. After that, appropriate supports/programming are discussed and a transition plan is put in place. The length of time to start varies according to classroom dynamics, age and the needs of the applicant. The average length of stay is one year. The staff are open to discuss the needs of any students that are being considered for referral.



Name Position Contact
Mike Esau Head Teacher mesau@sd38.bc.ca
Noli Cole Youth Outreach Worker ncole@sd38.bc.ca
Ruth Quirk Youth Outreach Worker rquirk@sd38.bc.ca