About Us

Station Stretch opened its doors in Richmond in 1975 as an alternative program of Richmond Senior Secondary School. It was first housed in a small building on Westminster Highway with two teachers, one youth worker, and twenty-five students. The school’s purpose was to provide an educational opportunity for those students who were unable to succeed in a regular junior high school setting. After two years on Westminster Highway, Station Stretch underwent an expansion and moved to 5280 Minoru Boulevard. We now have three classroom teachers, 3 Adolescent Alternate Program Workers (AAPW's), a Social Worker, 1 secretary and between 40 – 45 students.
At the beginning of the 1990 – 91 school year, administrative authority for the program was transferred to J.N. Burnett Junior Secondary School. In 1998, we became a district program under the supervision of the Richmond School Board. Since 2010 we have been under the administrative umbrella of Palmer Secondary School.
Through the years, the program has worked with students who have been referred from the regular school system because of social, emotional, and/or educational difficulties. Station Stretch attempts to offer each of its students a highly personalized education. Besides classrooms, lessons, lectures, assignments and tests, we make certain that we get to know the students, their families, their community, and the reasons for their difficulties. Each staff member attempts to work with each of the students with knowledge and an awareness of previous problems and offers a positive direction for the future. Students come to realize that each staff member is concerned and willing to offer support with both academic and personal problems on a day-to-day basis. The mutual concern between staff and the student has allowed Station Stretch to grow and develop into a respected educational program in the Richmond community.